While You Were Out…

While we were away from the rainforest, God continued to work among the believers. Someone believed the gospel and was baptized Easter Sunday. This was a Malagasy baptizing a Malagasy.

Then on Sunday Tim worshiped in Ankazotsara. When he arrived he learned that FIVE more had believed the gospel and were ready to be baptized. So after worship we went to the river where Ramano baptized all five believers.

While we are certainly not numbers driven, I am amazed at the power of gospel. Where the gospel is rightly preached, the dead in their sins and trespasses cannot remain dead forever when the gift of faith is given.

Praise Him!

Also, Nate’s video has been moved to the Tanala Video page.

One thought on “While You Were Out…

  1. Oh, that’s so awesome! Brings a smile to my face; I bet that is just so amazing to see God moving and working in these people. Baptizing one another…so amazing! I love it.

    It was so good to talk to you the other night!! Keep your focus and keep going strong!

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